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News Of Madonna
News Of Madonna

Reshma Gajjar : exclusive interview for News Of Madonna

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Pour clôturer en beauté notre semaine célébration du 10ème anniversaire du RIT rien de mieux qu'une interview exclusive de Reshma Gajjar une des danseuses du World Tour.

What was your relationship with M during the Tour?
She was my boss,  friend, mirror and huge inspiration. 

Could you describe us a typical rehearsal day ?
Our rehearsal days were anything but typical. We could be doing anything from workshopping steps with a choreographer which entail creating and recreating a number sometimes over and over from scratch. Somedays we were learning, reviewing or running choreography that was set to be in the show. Other days we were training in a whole new craft! For example, I trained and learned ariel work for "Bedtime Stories", and before hiring Sergio Ventura all the dancers tried skateboarding which was hilarious! On Confessions Tour some dancers trained in parkour and roller-skating. Once the show was set we would keep running it from beginning to end. Sometimes a daily workout regime was implemented, wardrobe fittings, visitors, and spontaneous freestyle circles!

Were you involved in the process of creating of the show ?
Yes, depending on the choreographer, dancers can play a big part of creating the show while workshopping movement. Its our job to bring the Artistic Director's vision to life and we were encouraged, sometimes even expected to express ourselves and bring a character or story to life. For example, I got to choreograph my solo in "Hollywood".

Do you think that your origin was an advantage for the show?
I feel like I should ask you that question! Was it? Our ethnicity can play a huge role in who we are as human beings and therefore influence us as artists. My technique and dance ability got me through the hard dance cuts, and then my unique ethnicity and freestyle separated me from the rest. I feel very connected to both my Indian roots and simultaneously my American nationality. They both live largely inside of me and make up my whole package. The Reinvention Tour was the first to see that potential in me, and will always hold a dear place in my heart for manifesting it into reality.  Everybody on that tour was so unique and together we made a complete show that became The Reinvention Tour. 

In the documentary we can see that Madonna gives you the opportunity to do the "Traditional prayer" before the show. What did you feel ?
I felt truly honored to share that peace prayer with Madonna, my fellow dancers, musicians and because of the documentary…essentially, the world. My head was nervous at first knowing that the cameras were all on me, but I've sang it from childhood, so once I closed my eyes, my heart let go and I felt very comfortable, excited and honored.The prayer is a timeless, beautiful and powerful message of truth, peace and unity that I will always want to share. 

What does the Tour represent to you ? 
Light…lots of light. A Gift…from the Universe, Dreams … coming true. 
Beginnings …  of my career. Faith … stronger from bearing the fruits of my perseverance.  
Recognition… feeling like I was being seen for the first time. 

What is your best memories of the tour ?
At the audition when Madonna surprised us all in announcing we got the job. The rush I felt rising up on the stage at our first show in Los Angeles. Being on adventures and exploring the world, ready for anything. Searching and shopping at vintage shops in every town. Sharing my tour-life experiences with all the friends and family who came to visit me while on tour. Being a part of, and truly feeling like a family with everyone in all departments on that tour.  Dancing in the rain next to a castle in front of 80,000 people in Dublin…and the tour bus ride home after. The private piano concert at the home of the brilliant sisters Katia and Marielle Labeque. Meeting, working and falling in love with so many amazing people. Hanging out and quick changes under the stage in between numbers during the show…listening to it.  Seeing my friend's faces and hearing them scream at me while watching the show from the pit. Getting high off the all the fans and audience giving us so much energy.

According to you what are the differences between CT & RIT ?
Reinvention felt more sentimental, like a theater piece. Confessions felt like a fun dance party.  Reinvention felt like a deep breath in and Confessions an exhale out. 

Are you still in Touch with Madonna  and the dancers of the Tour ?
Yes I am still in touch! Some more often than others. I love and always look forward to reuniting with everyone. 

According to you does Art for Freedom follow Madonna's engagement like she did with American Life
From what I know about Art for Freedom, it possibly combines everything that Madonna is passionate about together in one place.

What is your favorite song and clip of Madonna ?
Too many…

What are yours current projects ? 
I am an artist living in Los Angeles, acting and dancing. Inspired by fashion, style, film, acting, movement/dance, art, I've been collaborating with all different types stay tuned!
I just finished shooting an exciting second season of VH1's TV show called Hit The Floor, where I play a rookie Devil Girl dancer, Sondi, for a NBA basketball team. Watch it if you like drama!
Part of iD Magazine's A-Z of dance video, I've been currently representing Diesel's new Jogg Jeans. Once again, I am proud to represent my people with the letter I - for Indian Bhangra!
I'm in the process of writing and acting in a web series based off me and my best friend's life.  
I am working on my website coming soon! 

Would you like to work again with Madonna ?
I would love! Im not sure under what capacity, context or what roles we would play…but I know it would be awesome.

One word for our readers ?
Gratitude…Thank you for being such amazing fans. 
p.s. Reinvention Tour is my favorite too. 



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1.Posté par Miles Crawford le 23/04/2019 22:31
Hello! Lovely interview. But the main photograph you have included at the top of the page IS NOT the Reshma Gajjar who danced with Madonna.
Please remove, and replace with a photo of the correct Reshma Gajjar.
Thank You!

Salut! Belle interview. Mais la photo principale que vous avez incluse en haut de la page N'EST PAS la Reshma Gajjar qui a dansé avec Madonna.
Veuillez supprimer et remplacer par une photo du Reshma Gajjar correct.
Je vous remercie!

2.Posté par Izzagar - Team NOM le 24/04/2019 10:43
@Miles ooops thank you for noticing :-)

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