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News Of Madonna
News Of Madonna

Exclusive NOM : interview de Cecilio Designer of Leatherdesigns

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Créateur de génie, qui ne travaille que le cuir, Cecilio a eu la gentillesse de nous accorder une interview pour revenir sur ses collaborations avec la Reine de la Pop.

Exclusive NOM : interview de Cecilio Designer of Leatherdesigns

Vous ne le connaissez peut être pas et pourtant il collabore avec Madonna depuis un moment. Cecilio, le directeur artistique de Leatherdesigns  nous a accordé une interview exclusive dans laquelle il nous raconte sa collaboration avec la Queen of Pop mais aussi pourquoi le cuir et ses prochains projets. 


How did you get in touch with Madonna and her staff ? First did you imagine that it was joke ? 

It was through an assistant of her stylist for Superbowl Project in December 2011. He saw my work and contacted me. It was very exciting and incredible for me at the first moment. I worked on several pieces during christmas 2011 and sent them at the beggining of January 2012 for fittings and rehearsals.
Did you have a direct contact with Madonna ? The legend says that she controles everything. Did she say exactly what she wanted ? 
No, I hadn ́t the opportunity. Her stylist B. Akerlund gave me some references  for the pieces they wanted. I made some sketches and Madonna chose the draw that she liked.
You worked on the superbowl, secret project, Living for love clip, Grammys ... What did you make ? What was the most difficult ? 
I made some pieces that was seen in Superbowl. A Black mask with hair in a dancer, a bra, a pair of gloves and the most seeing a Golden horned mask in a dancer. For secret Project was a Black horned mask on a dancer too. And for the new era the horned helmets for her last shows and video.
The most difficult piece was the Golden mask for Superbowl as it ́s a very elaborated piece.
For example for the horns that the dancers wear for the GRAMMYS and  BRITS, how long does it take to create this ? Why horns ? Is it nice to wear ? 
Well, I need some days to get one pair ready. They are totally handmade in leather. I don ́t use machines, so I need time to get them finished. The videoclip was inspirated in minotaurs, that ́s the reason to make horned pieces, like Bulls. 
Yes, they are nice to wear, they are not too heavy pieces, and fasten well. It ́s a very 
visual piece.
You should be very proud when you see your creation when you watch the TV no ? What do you feel ? 
Yes it ́s a big feeling of joy seeing your creations working well in a show, even more when it ́s a Madonna show!
Did you work with the stakeholders of the project ? For the example the fashion designer for Madonna’s outfit ? To create a sort of homogeneity ? 
I worked mostly with Madonna ́s stylist B Akerlund. She guided me on the way to follow with the pieces. Telling me the direction of the video, atmosphere ect... we mixed part of pieces made from me before with requiriments of video. I had to travel with two last minute pieces needed for Grammys to Los Angeles and I met B. She is a very nice person and helpfull
Why leather ? Is it a material with endless possibilities of creations ? 
I started to work with leather since I was a child. Always was a homely material for me as my mum stitched leather gloves at home. And yes, you can get a lot of shapes with it.
You have worked with many other celebrites, is it stressfull ? 
Well, not too much as you don ́t do it every day the most stressfull thing is normally there are a tight delivery times. But it always worths! It ́s a pleasure they think in you.
What are you next projects ? 
Always every project is welcome. For now I ́m expanding my brand in USA and create new stuff.
Any word for our readers ? 
I would like to thanks all Madonna fans for their support. I hope they have a very good time in her tour. Sure will be Amazing!
Un grand merci à Cecilio  pour avoir pris le temps de répondre à nos question ! Living for Love ...

Exclusive NOM : interview de Cecilio Designer of Leatherdesigns

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